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Ep 17 - The Journey Traveling at 6.5 knots featuring Scho & Jo

March 14, 2023 Oasis Marinas
The Boater's Lounge
Ep 17 - The Journey Traveling at 6.5 knots featuring Scho & Jo
Show Notes

Welcome to the Boater's Lounge!

Have you ever wanted to jump aboard with your partner and go on the adventure of a lifetime? This is your sign to DO IT! After talking with the travel couple of Scho & Jo, there is one thing we learned - do not wait, take the leap!

In this episode, we have Scho & Jo (Jenn and Elliot) on just as they finished their first Great Loop, to talk to us about their once in a lifetime journey traversing the 6,000 mile waterway loop through the United States. 

Jenn and Elliot are well-known travelers, and after their COVID lockdown, they contemplated their next big trip and thought this would be a great way to get into boating! 😂

As first time boaters, Jenn and Elliot bought a boat, pushed off from Stuart FL and started their year long journey on the Great Loop. The mission - show they can tackle any adventure and prove anyone can complete the Great Loop with a little positive attitude and a passion for learning. They want to inspire all boaters that it's worth it and the time is now! No matter your age, experience, or work status, the Great Loop is one of the most incredible journeys you can take... so what are you waiting for?!

Enjoy this conversion with Jenn and Elliot as they describe...

  1. what inspired them to complete the Great Loop 
  2. their experience along the way
  3. their favorite destination and places while on the trip
  4. budget tips and details!

Learn more about this encouraging couple here:
Check out their experience via their popular YouTube channel!

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